Handmade in Finland

Spun and dyed in Finland

100 % Finnish wool

For the love of wool

You know what it feels like to be in love with wool. You are familiar with the rhythm of knitting, the feeling of letting your mind drift away with each stitch. This same passion has led us to create Tukuwool Fingering, a strong, vibrant wool yarn with timeless charm. Our yarn is spun and dyed in Finland – using only Finnish wool. The high-quality wool together with the carefully selected colors give our yarn soul and meaning. Let yourself go, play with our warm, natural tones and enchanting, vivid colors. Wrap the rustic wool around your needles and let it tell you its ageless story.

Tukuwool yarns are pure Finnish wool!

Tukuwool yarns are made from pure 100 % Finnish wool, it’s a blend of Finnsheep and Finnsheep-Texel crossbreed. Our yarns are spun and dyed in Finland. TitiTyy bought Tukuwool in the spring 2016 and ever since the growth has been rapid. We have got many new retailers in Finland and all over the World and more are coming.

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We have chosen colors that are ageless without forgetting the beautiful greys. You can easily play with the colors from unique to classic color combinations.

You can find many patterns for Tukuwool straight from Ravelry. Some patterns are downloadable for free and some are for sale.

We have many retailers in Finland and all over the world. The recent list from retailers can be found here.

Tukuwool Fingering

An honest Finnish yarn which flies gently on your needles and fills your heart.

Tukuwool Sock – Finnish sock yarn

Sock is made from only pure Finnish wool but it includes 20 % of nylon to give strength and durability.

How to shop Tukuwool

Our yarns are on sale in TitiTyy’s online store and in our brick-and-mortar shop in Toivola old court yard in the center of Jyväskylä. You can shop our yarns from the several retailers.

We ship worldwide daily! You can find our international shipping costs from here.

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